Selling A Business

Selling a company is one of the most difficult and challenging decisions faced by a business owner. Hiring a professional intermediary can contribute extraordinary value to this process, through securing the highest selling price, maintaining the integrity of the transaction and optimizing the retention of the proceeds.

With its blend of business, accounting and taxation expertise, SwaimBrown is uniquely positioned to maximize shareholder value and achieve the owners’ objectives in the most effective way. 

In general, the SwaimBrown sales process includes:

  • Initial discussions to establish value expectations, timing, alternative strategies and goals
  • In-depth market and business analysis to understand the unique aspects of the company and its environment. This will both uncover opportunities and highlight potential pitfalls associated with the transaction
  • Prepare and script a Seller’s Memorandum to articulate the current status of the business and indicate opportunities for future enhancements. The memorandum will be focused so as to target synergies and compelling acquisition strategies for specific potential acquirers or groups of acquirers.
  • Short list the most appropriate group of potential buyers and then solicit interest - without disclosing your identity. Discussions with multiple buyers build momentum and help increase shareholder value.
  • Review offers and determine how best to proceed.. Support buyers’ due diligence to ensure their continued commitment to pursuing the acquisition.
  • Structure the sale to limit the tax consequences and maximize the shareholder returns, within the context of an acceptable format and timescale.
  • Assist in the negotiation, finalizing the definitive agreement and closing the transaction.

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Buying A Business

Acquisitions, as a general rule, are expensive transactions which rarely deliver the anticipated benefits. Overpayment, inappropriate or poorly timed acquisitions, and poor post-acquisition integration all can contribute to disappointment.

SwaimBrown offers a unique combination of strategy, financial and operational expertise to assist clients with a carefully planned, well-orchestrated and fully delivered acquisition.  Our professional services include:

  • Complete review of the acquisition strategy, its merits and potential for success
  • Search for targets, analysis of suitability and evaluation of completing a transaction.
  • Initiating confidential contact with prospective candidates, assessing the reaction and determining the best course of action.
  • Assisting in the due diligence process. Establishing a valuation, calculating available synergies and identifying risks in terms of the existing business and failure to deliver perceived benefits.
  • Advising with contract negotiation and the definitive agreement.
  • Managing post-closing integration and execution to deliver the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.

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Valuation Services

SwaimBrown provides financial opinions and valuation services required by companies in connection with mergers, acquisitions, transactions among shareholders, raising private capital, legal proceedings, and tax and estate planning.

Accredited professionals offer independent, third-party valuations to satisfy all parties, through:

  • Analysis of the company involved using industry recognized valuation methodologies with reference to economic and industry data
  • Review of the financial statements and reports for accuracy and relevance
  • Complete and deliver detailed Business Valuation Report outlining both the calculations used and conclusions.

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Outsourced CFO Services

With its team of accounting, operational and consulting professionals, SwaimBrown offers a comprehensive range of skills to supplement, or replace, in-house financial and strategic expertise.

When clients struggle with an increasingly competitive market place, implement acquisition and divestiture strategies, or seek to take their organization to the next level, SwaimBrown can provide relevant and decisive technical skills to assist in the development of a strategy and its successful execution.

 Specific expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Corporate Strategy Development
  • Financial Risk Analysis
  • Investment Modeling
  • ERP System Review
  • Business Re-Engineering
  • Performance Measurement

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Business Relocation Consulting

SwaimBrown has a lengthy track record in both attracting and assisting companies to relocate to the Southeastern United States. In addition to being strong advocates of the region, SwaimBrown services cover almost every aspect of the relocation decision and implementation processes. Services include:

  • Site Selection
  • Economic Incentives Comparison and Negotiation
  • Wage Rate and Location Cost Benchmarking
  • Local and Regional Infrastructure Analysis
  • Employee Benefit Program Solutions
  • Company Infrastructure Build-Out
  • Employee Search
  • International Tax Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Domestic Compliance, Tax and Audit Services

Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds, offering expertise in audit, tax, management consultancy, ERP system design, infrastructure development and business start-ups.

In combination, this experience presents our clients with a strong partner to successfully begin, operate, or expand their business in the Southeastern United States.

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Business Re-Engineering

Many corporate clients of consulting firms are dissatisfied with services received, citing unfamiliarity with their businesses as the main reason.  Many believe consulting firms emphasize technological solutions instead of developing expertise in clients’ unique industries.

SwaimBrown offers professionals with valuable industry experience.  Our deep understanding of operations, finance, strategy and marketing helps clients to improve business performance and leverage internal skills. We never ignore the talent within your team, adding knowledge and tested methodologies to identify and implement cost saving initiatives, improve management and control, manage risk and raise quality. We also provide hands-on assistance to improve financial performance and cash-flow.

Business re-engineering involves the overhaul of multiple aspects of a business, including strategic planning, marketing, production cost modeling, supply chain management and the development of sustainable competitive advantages. The effect of re-engineering is a significant improvement in overall company performance.

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Business Plans and Company Start-Ups

Entrepreneurs seeking to develop a comprehensive business plan which considers strategic, marketing and financial inputs invariably require assistance.

A professional and well-rounded plan will attract support from lenders, suppliers, customers and investors. On the other hand, gaps and errors often precipitate a negative reaction from audiences vital to the future success of the venture.

With our experience and breadth of skills, SwaimBrown can identify and repair faults before they become critical issues. In addition, our connections with financial institutions, investors, professional service providers, industry and government can facilitate the successful development of a new venture.

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