When Arthur Madge emigrated from Wales and founded a small accounting practice in Spartanburg, South Carolina, he couldn’t know that the company would last — and thrive — into the 21st century. He only knew that helping clients achieve success was what he loved — and he built his fledgling firm around that principle.

Initially catering to retail and service companies in the small Upstate town, the firm took a giant leap in 1970 when a young tax accountant named Mike Swaim was hired away from a Big Eight accounting firm by G. Ray Harris, who had become Madge’s partner in 1954.

The go-go 1970s saw the firm diversify into the construction, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Mike assumed leadership of the firm in 1974, and shortly thereafter added Eddie Brown as a second partner in the firm.

The 1980s and 1990s saw additional growth when Mike and Eddie purchased another practice and opened an office in nearby Clinton. The firm grew its reputation for personally and conscientiously serving clients, ignoring the trend of many fee-hungry regional and national firms which treated business clients as afterthoughts.

The 21st century has brought further progress. In 2001 we moved into new facilities in Spartanburg, adding greater efficiencies and resources to the client mix. We added wealth management services, the better to help our clients plan and manage their investable assets effectively and efficiently. Merger & acquisition services and business process reengineering were added in response to client requests. And we deepened team experience in key industries and services.

Ultimately, our history is one of responding to changing client needs, understanding your challenges, and adding services to assist you in achieving success. Somewhere, we’re confident our long-departed founder Arthur Madge would be proud.

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